Queensland Conservation Council
  • Take Action On Landclearing

    Every second in Queensland, a tree is bulldozed and a native animal dies as a consequence of land clearing. This has to stop. But we need your help to make this happen.

  • Water Dragon chilling out in Springbrook

    Water Dragons are common in riparian habits across South-East Queensland. Often spotted in inner-city suburbs they have remained resilient through the modification of their natural habitat.

  • Lake Boorangoora(Mackenzie)-K'Gari, Gari(Fraser Island)

    Lake McKenzie covers over 150 hectares and sits approx 100 metres above sea level. Due to the white silica that make up its sandy shores the water is so pure it is unsuitable for many species.

  • Humpback whales off the coast of Hervey Bay.

    Humpbacks became protected globally in 1965 following a dramatic decline in populations due to whaling. Numbers have slowly begun recovering but we need to protect coastal waters to ensure their future.

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As the states peak non-government environment group since 1969 we coordinate within the conservation sector in Queensland to be a voice for the environment. Our mission is to protect, conserve and sustain Queensland’s unique natural environment, making sure that our wildlife, rivers and landscapes continue to thrive for future generations.

Queensland Conservation Council
1 / 377 Montague Road. West End, QLD 4101
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