Explore Queensland's deforestation hotspots with interactive map

The loss of habitat is having detrimental effects on nature in Queensland. Explore our map to see land clearing 2018-2021 and which threatened species have lost habitat. To get started:

  • Search for your local government area (be patient as it may take a few seconds to load)
  • Zoom in to see
    • how many hectares of forest and woodland have been cleared since 2018
    • what Matters of National Environmental Significance have been impacted (plant and animal species)
    • how much clearing was for pasture vs clearing for all other purposesOrange circles indicates pasture clearing, red circles indicates clearing for all other purposes.

Tell your Federal MP it's time to end deforestation

This map makes it clearer than ever - Queensland's deforestation is a national shame. With iconic species at the brink of extinction such as the koala, greater glider and yakka skink, our forests and woodlands need to be protected and regenerated. Right now, the new federal nature laws are being drafted and with the majority of clearing in Queensland not being referred for assessment under the current EPBC Act it is crucial that the reforms get things right for nature.


Basemap - Microsoft product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation. Bing map.
LGAs ring graphs and slats footprints are credit Nature Analytics based on Queensland Government spatial layers for LGA boundaries and SLATS Sentinel 2 woody vegetation change 2018/19 2019/20 & 2020/21