At Queensland Conservation Council we are working towards a future where nature thrives, wildlife is protected, our industries don’t cost the earth, and our communities are in balance with the health of ecosystems. 

Interested in volunteering to help make that vision a reality? Together we need to stand up and get organised to protect nature, climate and communities. QCC depends on volunteers to be able to make the difference we need, it will take everyone to do want they can no matter how big or small. Check out our plan here. 

Volunteering at QCC can take many forms, and depends on your time, skills and interests. There is no need to have existing skills and you are welcome to volunteer a day a week or a few hours a month. When signing up indicate your preference and we will be in touch to have a chat about these options.

Join a working group - We have a number of volunteer working groups, volunteers taking the lead on tactics and projects. You need to be able to commit to attended fortnightly working group meeting (online or in-person) and help out a least a few hours a fortnight. You can check on role descriptions for the volunteer teams below. 

Become Stall / Outreach Volunteer - Help out with markets stalls and other forms out outreach to talk to people about our campaigns and how people can take action, such as signing petitions and grabbing a Climate Action Now Signs. 

I'm not sure/ I have other ideas - Sign up and we can have a chat about about all the options and other ideas you might have and how you might fit in. 

Volunteering is usually a mix of face-to-face and online in your own time. There are many things that can be done remotely, however if don't live around Brisbane/ SEQ it might be worth getting in touch with one of our member groups in your area.   

Sign up now and we'll be in touch soon to discuss how you can get involved!

Interested in finding out more before you sign up? You have have a look at our volunteer handbook here.

Specific Roles / Teams

Including volunteer teams and internships we often have specific short-term or ongoing roles we need filling. Check them out here and get in touch directly if you are interested in more info. 

- Volunteer Support Team

- Member Support Team

- National Parks Volunteer Working Group

- Art Competition Organiser/s

- Forest Watch Organiser/s

- Stall Coordinator/s


Will you volunteer?