Become a volunteer

At Queensland Conservation Council we are uniting people in a powerful movement for nature and climate justice, with a vision for a healthy environment and safe climate for all.

Interested in helping to make that vision a reality? Together we need to stand up and get organised to protect nature, climate and communities. QCC depends on volunteers to be able to make the difference we need, it will take everyone to do what they can no matter how big or small. Check out our plan here. 

Volunteering at QCC can take many forms, and depends on your time, skills and interests. There is no need to have existing skills and you are welcome to volunteer a day a week or a few hours a month. 

Volunteering is usually a mix of face-to-face and online in your own time. There are many things that can be done remotely, however if don't live around Brisbane/ SEQ it might be worth getting in touch with one of our member groups in your area.   

Interested in finding out more before you sign up? You have have a look at our volunteer handbook here.

Will you volunteer?