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1. Name of submission: Draft Queensland Transport Strategy

Closing date/time: 24 May 2019, 11:59pm.

Outline of the submission: The Department of Transport and Main Roads is seeking public input into its 30-year vision regarding the future of transportation in QLD. Key aspects include net zero emissions and climate-resilient transport.

Why is this submission important?  The draft strategy addresses green transport, including electric vehicles. Some key outcomes of the draft strategy include: 1) transition to a net zero emissions transport system, 2) climate change resilient transport networks. Choices regarding new transport services and technologies as well as transport networks' infrastructure will have environmental and climate change impacts. Strategic outcome number 5, "Sustainable, resilient and liveable communities" briefly mentions protection of the natural environment and planned land use. However, impact on biodiversity and sustainability of the natural environment is not outlined in much detail.

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