As Queenslanders, we're proud of our spectacular natural environment - and we want to keep it that way! Sadly, Queensland's rich biodiversity is facing threats from many directions at once, and our climate is changing for the worse, due mainly to pollution from fossil fuels.

We regularly assess projects and legislation that may impact our natural environment, and make submissions to the official governing processes for developments and legislation. These are collected in the table below.

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Date submitted Type Project name
14/05/2024 Renewable Energy submission Electricity and Energy Sector Plan Discussion Paper: QCC Response to 2024 Issues Paper: Target Pathways and Progress (PDF 302k)
09/02/2024 Urban Sustainability submission Bruce Highway Western Alternative: North Brisbane Bruce Highway Western Alternative – Stage 4 (PDF 685k)
01/02/2024 Water submission Moreton: Moreton Water Plan replacement consultation (PDF 196k)
25/01/2024 Renewable Energy submission Capricornia: Capricornia Energy Hub Referral (PDF 92k)
18/01/2024 Renewable Energy submission Prairie: Prairie PD (PDF 192k)
18/01/2024 Renewable Energy submission Moonlight: Moonlight Wind Farm (PDF 300k)
14/12/2023 Water submission South East Queensland: Environmental Values and Water Quality Objectives (PDF 168k)
14/12/2023 Water submission Southern and Darling Downs: SDDRWA Regional Water Assessment (PDF 199k)
23/11/2023 Water submission Capricornia: Capricornia Energy Hub Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PDF 168k)
23/11/2023 Renewable Energy submission Capricornia: Capricornia Energy Hub Transmission (PDF 123k)
22/11/2023 Nature submission Queensland 2024-2025 State Budget: Protecting Queensland's natural assets and great lifestyle: Submission to Queensland's 2024-25 State Budget (PDF 261k)
20/11/2023 Renewable Energy submission Tarong West: Tarong West Referral (PDF 121k)
15/11/2023 Renewable Energy submission Woodstock: Woodstock RE Hub Referral (PDF 138k)
14/11/2023 Water submission Borumba: Borumba Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project (PDF 69k)
02/11/2023 Water submission Bundaberg and Burnett: Bundaberg and Burnett Regional Water Assessment (PDF 186k)
31/10/2023 Coal and Gas submission Middle Arm: Middle Arm (PDF 136k)
20/10/2023 Water submission Minjerribah: Water allocation (PDF 150k)
16/10/2023 Renewable Energy submission Mount Hopeful: Mount Hopeful Wind Farm (PDF 309k)
11/10/2023 Water submission Water Amendment: Inquiry into the Water Amendment (Restoring our Rivers) Bill 2023 (PDF 390k)
28/09/2023 Coal and Gas submission Caval Ridge: Caval Ridge (PDF 160k)
20/09/2023 Urban Sustainability submission Shaping SEQ Regional Plan Update: SEQ Plan submission (PDF 380k)
25/08/2023 Water submission Lake Eyre Basin / Channel Country: RIS submission (PDF 560k)
16/08/2023 Ministerial letter Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries: QCC to Minister Furner: Implementing the Native Timber Action Plan (PDF 158k)
28/07/2023 Water submission Tablelands: Tablelands Regional Water Assessment (PDF 275k)
21/07/2023 Water submission Gold Coast: Gold Coast Water Plan (PDF 185k)
09/06/2023 Coal and Gas submission Peak Downs: Peak Downs TOR (PDF 159k)
05/06/2023 Nature submission SEQ Koala Regulations: Submission to review of 2020 SEQ Koala habitat regulations (PDF 335k)
26/05/2023 Water submission Mary Basin: Water Plan (PDF 199k)
18/05/2023 Coal and Gas submission Lake Vermont: Lake Vermont Meadowbrook Project (PDF 173k)
05/05/2023 Water submission Burdekin Basin: Water Plan Review (PDF 117k)
29/03/2023 Renewable Energy submission Chalumbin: Chalumbin PER (PDF 174k)
04/03/2023 Renewable Energy submission Upper Burdekin: Upper Burdekin Wind Farm (PDF 175k)
24/02/2023 Water submission Coexistence: Coexistence principles and instutitions (PDF 221k)
23/02/2023 Water submission Surat Basin: Proposed Surat Basin Carbon Capture and Storage Project (PDF 297k)
17/01/2023 Renewable Energy submission Boomer Range: Boomer Range Wind Farm (PDF 145k)
10/08/2021 Coal and Gas submission Meandu: Meandu (PDF 153k)
16/11/2020 Ministerial letter Minister for Environment: QCC to Hon Meaghan Scanlon (PDF 92k)