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Description of key public consultations

1. Name of submission: Review of Queensland's energy legislation - Options Paper

Closing date/time: 31 January 2020, 11:59pm

Outline of the consultation:The Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is seeking stakeholder feedback to its options paper which contains proposals to modernise the following Queensland state energy laws:

  • Electricity Act 1994
  • Gas Supply Act 2003
  • Energy and Water Ombudsman Act 2006
  • Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1984.

Why is this consultation important? Since the energy sector is Australia’s largest contributor to carbon emissions, this review will affect the state's greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts.

This review's options paper addresses issues such as developing clear rules for energy operators and better alignment of state energy laws with applied national laws.  Other issues to be addressed include regulation of emerging technologies, regulatory enforcement, governance arrangements, electricity and gas company access to private and public lands, feed-in tariffs, price controls and access to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland's services for dispute resolution.

Although renewable energy is not specifically addressed in this options paper, the options considered may reduce or remove barriers to renewable energy generation.  For example, a key issue affecting renewable energy is better support for decentralised energy arrangements, facilitated by solar and battery technology.  

More info here.  The options paper is here (Part 1, page 28 contains the list of questions). 

Where to send your submission:

Written submissions: Stakeholders are requested to provide feedback by completing a questionnaire, found here.

For guidance on submitting your feedback through the questionnaire please email:

2. Name of consultation: Draft South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy

Closing date/time: 11:59pm, 31 January 2020.

Outline of the consultation: Two years after the Koala Expert Panel report called for urgent intervention, the Queensland government has finally released its Draft SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy 2019-2024 for public consultation.  The strategy includes improved koala habitat mapping as well as a commitment to restore 1000 hectares of koala habitat. Some other issues to be addressed include holistic impact assessment under the Commonwealth Government's Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, review of the Offsets Framework with regards to koala conservation strategies and priorities, habitat protection and improved research, monitoring and reporting.

Why is this consultation important? These are great steps forward, but their effectiveness depends on exactly what changes are made to the planning laws, promised, but yet to be released. Habitat loss, fragmentation, bushfires and diseases have already seen a decline of koalas by 80% in parts of South East QLD. The government’s own Koala Expert Panel report, released in 2017, pointed to habitat loss as the leading cause of declining koala numbers. To properly protect our threatened koalas, the new planning and development laws must also be strengthened to prevent clearing of koala habitat to ensure koalas don’t become extinct in years to come. 

Find more information and use the submission template from QCC's and the Environmental Defenders Office's webpage

Where to send your submission:


3. Name of consultation: Independent review of the EPBC Act

Closing date/time: 5pm (AEDT) 14 February 2020.

Outline of the consultation:The Australian Department of Environment and Energy is conducting an independent, 10-year statutory review of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity (EPBC) Act.  The Department therefore invites public feedback regarding including how the EPBC Act has operated, the challenges ahead it should address, and your ideas for the future.

Why is this consultation important? The EPBC Act is Australia’s central piece of national environmental law. The EPBC Act and the Commonwealth’s role in environmental protection focuses on matters of national significance.  Already the nation has been witnessing alarming rates of environmental destruction, resulting in Australia becoming a global leader in deforestation and extinction.  The EPBC Act is failing to provide urgently needed effective protection.  Your feedback will be vital for demanding effective national environmental laws and independent enforcement.

Here's the Discussion Paper.  More info here.  View the Environmental Defenders Office overview of the EPBC Act here

In the meantime, you can send your brief comments via this link.

Where to send your submission:

Send your submission online via this link.

For more information, contact:

EPBC Act Review Secretariat

Tel: 1800 065 823


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