Become a Nature Guardian

Become a Nature Guardian and support Queensland Conservation Council in its mission to PROTECT CONSERVE and SUSTAIN Qld’s natural environment.

Become a Nature Guardian

Since 1969 Queensland Conservation Council has been Queensland's leading voice for environmental protection. We represent community environment groups and their supporters across Queensland.

And now we need your help. QCC has just turned 50, we are striving to make sure we will be here for another 50 years fighting for the environment now and for future generations.

With the support of people such as yourself we have played a key part in -

STOPPING logging in the Daintree Rainforest

MAKING the Great Barrier Reef a World Heritage Area

CONTROLLING rampant tree-clearing

CREATING new laws to reduce air-pollution

BANNING plastic shopping bags

ENDING sand-mining on Fraser Island



Your regular gift will allow QCC to continue to work with our allies to -

SAVE Queensland’s koalas by stopping the bulldozing of koala habitat

SPEED UP Queensland’s transition away from coal and gas by promoting renewable energy

CUT climate pollution by advocating for a statewide climate action plan

CREATE new National Parks through a well-funded Protected Areas Strategy for Queensland

Become a Nature Guardian today and you can play a vital part in supporting QCC's work. Making your contribution ongoing ensures we can make our mark for now and the future.

Become a Nature Guardian



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