Become a Queensland Nature Guardian

Become a Nature Guardian and support Queensland Conservation Council in its mission to PROTECT CONSERVE and SUSTAIN Queensland’s natural environment.

Become a Nature Guardian

With the support of people such as yourself we have played a key part in -

STOPPING logging in the Daintree Rainforest

MAKING the Great Barrier Reef a World Heritage Area

CONTROLLING rampant tree-clearing

CREATING new laws to reduce air-pollution

BANNING plastic shopping bags

ENDING sand-mining on Fraser Island



Your regular monthly donation will enable Queensland Conservation Council to continue to work with our allies to -

SAVE Queensland’s koalas by stopping the bulldozing of koala habitat

SPEED UP Queensland’s transition away from coal and gas by promoting renewable energy

CUT climate pollution by advocating for a statewide climate action plan

CREATE new National Parks through a well-funded Protected Areas Strategy for Queensland

Become a Nature Guardian today and you can play a vital part in supporting Queensland Conservation Council's work. Your contribution ongoing ensures we can be a powerful voice for nature, now and the future.

Become a Nature Guardian



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