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Join QCC's regular giving program and become a Nature Guardian today. Your ongoing support allows us to dream big in our plans for the conservation of Queensland’s unique and vitally important environment. Our Nature Guardian program ensures we can be a powerful voice for nature now and into the future.

Your regular monthly donation will enable Queensland Conservation Council to continue to work with our members and allies to -

  • SAVE Queensland’s koalas by stopping the bulldozing of koala habitat
  • SPEED UP Queensland’s transition away from coal and gas by promoting renewable energy
  • CUT climate pollution by advocating for a statewide climate action plan
  • CREATE new National Parks through a well-funded Protected Areas Strategy for Queensland

Become a Nature Guardian today and help support QCC in its mission to PROTECT, CONSERVE and SUSTAIN Queensland’s natural environment for generations to come.

If you'd prefer not to donate online, you can download a form to return to us here.

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