Homes for all - Save our iconic wildlife

In response to the housing crisis, in late 2023 the Queensland Government has updated the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

The koala, owls, gliders, quolls and many other precious species are at threat of extinction in SEQ if we continue on the current path of urban sprawl development, destroying and fragmenting their habitat. We must ensure the rush to build new housing doesn't come at the expense of remnant forest and wetland habitat.

We need to ensure that new development builds up, not out, and that as our region grows our precious ecosystems are not only preserved, but regenerated and expanded. 

This is critical to ensure that: 

- we have healthy, thriving, ecosystems providing clean air, water and respite to our communities; 

- new green infrastucture and nature based solutions create buffers and embed climate resilience in our neighbourhoods; and

- we have enough habitat to sustain the many endangerd animals in our region.

We are calling on the Queensland State Government to take urgent action to protect our iconic species to ensure their survival for future generations.

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