Protect Koalas and Greater Gliders in South East Queensland!

Help Save Our Iconic Wildlife from Extinction!

We are calling on the Queensland State Government to take urgent action to protect the native forests and the precious wildlife that inhabit them in South East Queensland. The recently released draft regional plan must prioritize the conservation of koalas, owls, greater gliders and other iconic species to ensure their survival for future generations.

Why is this important?

South East Queensland is expected to accommodate a population of 6 million by 2046, leading to increased pressure on its natural habitats. The proposed regional plan sets the rules for development, with 70% taking place within existing urban areas and 30% expanding into new regions. While growth and development are necessary, it should not come at the expense of the unique and endangered wildlife that call our forests and wetlands home.

The Need for Better Regional Planning

Our beautiful biodiversity is one of the main reasons people move to South East Queensland, seeking a high-quality life among the stunning natural landscapes. However, without a better regional plan, we risk losing this priceless treasure.

Currently, our iconic species like koalas, quolls, and greater gliders are facing the threat of extinction due to habitat destruction. The continuous loss of native forests puts immense pressure on their survival. To reverse this trend, we must act now and protect the habitats they call home.

Our Simple Call: No Native Forest Clearance for Development

We demand that no native forest be cleared for development purposes. The Department of Environment and Science's own biodiversity mapping reveals that 97% of South East Queensland's remnant forests have significant environmental values that must be preserved.

To safeguard koalas, powerful owls, and other wildlife, we must limit urban sprawl and prioritize development within existing urban areas. Building up, not out, is the way to go, ensuring homes not only for people but also for our precious and endangered wildlife.

Unite for Our Wildlife

Native wildlife like koalas need the support of all Queenslanders. Together, we can ensure that South East Queensland remains a thriving and sustainable home for both people and wildlife alike.

Join Us! Sign this petition and stand for the protection of our iconic wildlife and native forests. Let's make a difference and secure a better future for South East Queensland's natural heritage.

Sign the petition now and share it widely with friends, family, and colleagues to create a powerful voice for our wildlife and their habitats.

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Save our koalas from extinction - Stop development in native forests. 

Our native wildlife like koalas, quolls and greater gliders are under threat from inappropriate development and urban sprawl.

To save them from extinction, we need to protect our native forests from destruction at the hands of developers.

Premier Palaszczuk - Please commit to no new development of our precious native forests in South East Queensland.