About Queensland Conservation Council Ltd

Enforcing Environmental Law for a Sustainable Future

For over five decades, Queensland Conservation Council Incorporated (QCC Inc) has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy, tirelessly striving to ensure that Queensland's precious natural environment is protected and preserved for generations to come. Despite our long history of environmental advocacy, the lack of an Environmental Protection Agency in Queensland has left noticeable gaps in the enforcement of environmental laws across the state.

Introducing Queensland Conservation Council Limited:

To bridge this enforcement gap, we are thrilled to introduce Queensland Conservation Council Limited (QCC Ltd), a newly established organisation with a singular focus on enforcing environmental laws in Queensland. This is a natural and needed step in the world of nature protection.

Its Unique Role:

QCC Ltd operates as a separate legal entity from QCC Inc, which continues to be the leading conservation group in the state. While QCC Inc concentrates on advocacy and collaboration with other conservation organisations, QCC Ltd is dedicated to enforcing environmental laws. It's crucial to ensure that those who violate environmental laws are held accountable, regardless of their status or affiliations.

Join Us:

If you believe in a sustainable future for Queensland, we invite you to stand with us. Your support is crucial in our efforts to enforce environmental laws, protect our environment, and make sure that no one is above the law.