About the SEQ Plan

Why is this Plan important?

South East Queensland is expected to accommodate a population of 6 million by 2046, leading to increased pressure on its natural environment.

The South East Queensland Regional Plan sets the rules for development. It's critical that this updated SEQ Plan protects our unique native wildlife for future generations.

The Need for Better Regional Planning

We need to end urban sprawl and build smarter density, including greening our urban areas. Smarter design and ecological based solutions can also help us deal with increasing climate impacts, such as heat and flooding.

Building up, not out, is the way to go, ensuring homes not only for people but also for our precious and endangered wildlife.

Our Simple Call: No more habitat should be cleared for Development

We demand that no remnant forest, wetland or other important habitat be cleared for development purposes. The Department of Environment and Science's own biodiversity mapping reveals that 97% of South East Queensland's remnant forests have significant environmental values that must be preserved.

To safeguard koalas, powerful owls, and other wildlife, we must limit urban sprawl and prioritise development within existing urban areas. 

What can you do to help?