Protect Beautiful Queensland

Protect Beautiful Queensland is a non-partisan, evidence-based alliance supporting the protection of Queensland's natural places.

Let's double our efforts to protect Queensland for nature, people and our way of life.

Queensland is the envy of the world. We have some of the world's oldest living cultures, best beaches, most ancient forests, and thriving desert ecosystems.

From the rolling red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert to mangrove-ringed atolls of the northern coastline; the rocky escarpments of the scenic rim and the infinite horizons of the outback savannah; Queensland is home to a truly staggering array of landscapes.

However, we could lose what we love most about Queensland.

Compared to other states and territories we have protected the smallest proportion of land for nature, culture and recreation. This is despite Queensland being the richest state for plants and animals, and the second largest in area.

Across the Sunshine State's forests and savannas, rivers and floodplains, beaches and headlands there are special places we all love and need to look after.

And now is the time for action! Across Australia and Queensland, our elected representatives are backing the call to protect more of our natural wealth.

We must do more to protect nature, build the resilience of our communities and prevent new extinctions of our cherished wildlife.

Will you sign?

I'm calling on my elected representatives to support the doubling of Queensland's protected areas, in partnership with First Nations people, by 2030. This means:

  • More resources for better management of all national parks
  • A commitment to deliver Queensland's protected areas strategy by 2030
  • Increased support for private landholders to better protect nature on their land
  • Increased opportunity for appropriate nature-based tourism and recreation

Let's take this opportunity to protect more of beautiful Queensland. Let's give our world famous nature-based destinations the care they deserve - and showcase this to the world in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games