What can we do to build large-scale energy better?


Our planning frameworks are not adequately protecting nature from development of any sort. We believe the renewable energy transition offers an opportunity to do things differently, and better. The transition should be based on a regional planning framework which maps important biodiversity values, cultural heritage and land uses to identify areas for protection, enacted through both the EPBC reforms and the Queensland regional plans.

These maps should be developed with meaningful input from local Traditional Owners, communities and environment groups, who have the best knowledge of important places.

The current system of relying on desktop surveys in the beginning and offsets at the end to make up for clearing is deeply flawed. Offsets should be used as a last resort, and should be much better monitored to ensure biodiversity outcomes are achieved.

We are working with the Queensland and Federal Governments to develop these maps and frameworks. In the meantime, we also need urgent updates to existing regulations.