Power Up Qld - Meet Your MP Training

February 16, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Online - RSVP for link
Hayley Troupe ·

The Queensland Conservation Council is campaigning to ensure that all Queenslanders can look forward to a safe and prosperous future, where coal power stations are replaced by clean renewable energy. The new year and freshly re-elected government brings a really important opportunity for us to put more pressure on the government and find out where our MPs stand on this issue. 

Will you meet with your MP? Join this webinar to get trained up on how to organise a meeting and what to say. 

No need to be an expert about Power Up campaign, this is a opportunity to highlight what issues are important to constituents. 

Join this webinar to get briefed on the the Power Up campaign and gain confidence to meet with your MP. We will run through: 

- Overview of the campaign and why meet with your MP. 

- How to organise a meeting. 

- How to talk about the campaign.

- What our asks for the MP's are. 

Will you come?