Power Up Queensland


We want to power-up Queensland with renewable energy from the sun, wind and water and make QLD the real Sunshine State, but we need your help to do it!

The Queensland Conservation Council is campaigning to ensure that all Queenslanders can look forward to a safe and prosperous future, where coal power stations are replaced by clean renewable energy.



Burning coal is Australia’s leading cause of climate change. Replacing coal-burning power stations with renewable energy is the most effective way for us to combat global warming.

We can also live healthier lives by closing coal-burning power stations because this will reduce toxic air and water pollution.

Shifting to renewable power presents a huge opportunity for the Queensland economy.





Closing coal power, and replacing it with renewable energy is one of the best things we can do to protect people and our planet. 

Currently, our Queensland energy supply is deeply dependent on coal. Australia’s electricity grid is one of the most polluting in the world, and as a state, we (Queensland) are Australia’s biggest carbon emitterIt doesn’t have to be this way.

Clean, renewable energy sources are ready now and are more affordable than ever before. 

With good planning, we can support local workers and communities and replace all coal-burning power stations with clean energy sources. We need real engagement and accountability in the planning process to ensure no-one is left behind as our energy system transforms. 



Well for a start – you!

We need as many people as possible joining the movement to go beyond coal. No matter where you call home or what you do, everyone has a role to play. Whether you're a farmer feeling the impacts of extreme weather on their crops and livestock, a firefighter facing an ever-worsening bushfire season, a parent who knows their kids face an uncertain future or a power station worker who can see their community needs a solid plan for what happens with the local coal power station closes. 

We need everyone to make the move beyond coal to a better future.

But beyond that – we need our Government to lead the way.

  Photo credit Josh Willink


Get Involved



The Queensland Government must ensure a well-managed transition so we can reduce the cost of electricity over time, and at the same time create new jobs and business opportunities for affected communities.

We need your help to make this essential transition happen in a fast and fair way.

Sign the pledge in support of Queensland making the transition to a renewable super power.