Power Up Pledge - Make Queensland The Real Sunshine State

What’s this pledge about?                                                                                 

We need as many people as possible joining the movement to take Queensland beyond coal.  Whether you're a farmer feeling the impacts of extreme weather on their crops and livestock, a firefighter facing an ever-worsening bushfire season, a parent who knows their kids face an uncertain future or a power station worker who can see their community needs a solid plan for what happens when the local coal power station closes. We need your help to make this essential transition happen in a fast and fair way.                                                                                                                                                     

QCC has produced the Power Up Queensland Vision to show what a future without coal could look like. We need your support to help persuade our elected officials to make that vision a reality.  

1,000 signatures
680 signatures

Will you sign?

YES I support the Queensland Conservation Council in their proposal to Power Up Queensland with clean renewable energy and to make this the real sunshine state!

I support a safe and prosperous future for all Queenslanders and call on the Queensland Government to make a plan to replace coal fired power stations with clean renewable energy by 2030 to reduce our CO2 emissions by over 400million tonnes, create 11,000 jobs and give us the best possible chance of saving the Great Barrier Reef.