Meet your MP training

March 05, 2024 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Online - RSVP for the link
Hayley Troupe ·

Across Australia nature is in decline from habitat destruction, invasive species, and the effects of climate change. This year it is once again critical for all levels of government to make the right decisions for nature and climate, to do that they need to know what their constituents care about. Join us for a webinar training to learn all about how to get a meeting with your Member of Parliament and and how to prepare.

Right now we have a rare opportunity to ensure we have strong federal nature laws. The Nature Positive Plan released in December 2022 laid out the pathway forward for urgent reforms and the federal government committed to implementing the recommendations in full. However, time is ticking and nature needs the reforms implemented now. We need you to meet your federal MP to ensure they actively support strong federal laws for climate and nature. 

Meetings with Members of Parliament are an important way of developing a relationship with your decision maker, getting to know them and finding common values. Building a personal connection with your MP and having conversations with them can be powerful, connecting abstract issues with real stories and real people. 

Will you come?