Environment Agenda For The Next Queensland Government

PRESS RELEASE - Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) has today released a comprehensive set of actions that our next State Government should use to protect Queensland’s unique natural heritage and act on climate change.

The Environment Agenda for the next Queensland Government considers ten major environmental issue areas facing Queensland and proposes solutions for action. The Agenda includes solutions for native vegetation, biodiversity, climate change, rivers, and mining, pollution and sustainable cities and towns.

This agenda is a product of extensive consultation with QCC member groups across the state and other expert organisations. It outlines the actions expected of the next Queensland Government to protect the state’s environment. 

Dave Copeman, QCC Campaign Manager, said: “Queensland is facing unprecedented challenges, with an economy and community disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have faced disasters driven by climate change such as the widespread, devastating bushfires of last summer, and the third mass coral bleaching on our iconic Great Barrier Reef. Many of the natural assets we hold most dear are at risk.

“But all is not yet lost. This year, we have seen what can happen when confidence in science and expertise informs politicians decision making. 

“Listening to the experts, the next Queensland Government could act with the same bold confidence and solve our great environmental challenges. Strong and visionary leadership on climate and environment issues would create new jobs, protect the places we love, realise our potential as a Renewable Superpower, and create a fairer, healthier, more democratic and equitable state.”

The agenda has been circulated to major parties contesting the election, requesting comment on how they each intend to act on the issue areas and policy solutions listed. Their responses will be made publicly available to inform voters on where parties stand.The Environment Agenda for the next Queensland Government can be viewed at https://www.queenslandconservation.org.au/environment_agenda