Dirty Dozen Clean Up Crew - Glencore

Right now, we have an opportunity to help lock in strong new climate laws to reduce the emissions of Australia's worst polluters. 

But the next few weeks are crucial. We need to tell polluters like Glencore and the rest of the Dirty Dozen that the community is watching - we expect them to step up and take responsibility for their emissions, so they don't work to water down or block these laws. 

That's why we're launching the Dirty Dozen Clean Up Crew - everyday Australians taking action to tell the Dirty Dozen to clean up their act! 

RSVP to join our Clean Up Crew on Friday morning at Glencore's Brisbane CBD office for a snap action to kick off the campaign.


What: Snap action at Glencore's office  

Where: Pig N Whistle, King George Square Brisbane City

When: 8.45am - 9.45am Friday 17 February 2023

What to bring: We will be dressing as an actual clean up crew, so bring some gear to complete the look - gloves, overalls, mops, brooms, squeegees, anything that looks like you're ready to clean up a dirty polluter! 

If you can’t join the Clean Up Crew, we still need your help to throw everything we can at the climate and biodiversity crises affecting Queensland. Donate today to help stop the big polluters and protect wildlife from climate change and deforestation.




Yes, I want to help clean up Glencore