Donate to hold the Dirty Dozen accountable!

Donate to hold the Dirty Dozen accountable!

These giant corporations are feeding the climate crisis – threatening our future and destroying our environment – while raking in billions in profit and often paying little or no income tax.

Donate to support our work in holding them accountable today!

The Climate Council’s report ‘Introducing the Dirty Dozen: Australia’s filthiest fossil fuel polluters’ profiles the 12 largest fossil fuel giants in the country. 

Collectively, these organisations have pumped out a massive 287 million tonnes of harmful CO2 equivalent emissions since 2016.

As the Australian Government prepares to strengthen the key national policy that regulates industrial emissions - the Safeguard Mechanism - we’ve taken a closer look at these corporations. 

Strengthening this law is a key part of the Federal Labor Government’s plans to cut the harmful greenhouse emissions that are driving the climate crisis.

Donate to QCC to help us take down these giants and continue to unite people in a powerful movement for nature and climate justice.

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