Building Renewables Well June 8 Webinar

June 08, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Brisbane, QLD
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We need renewable energy and strong nature protections for a safe climate future. 

Renewable energy is being developed in areas close to existing transmission lines, but that are also high in biodiversity.

Current planning laws don't value nature, and allow this.

We need to change the planning laws and the way we talk about this issue.

This webinar will give an update on work QCC and partners are doing;

  • Engaging the planning department on reviews and reforms
  • Mapping Queensland’s biodiversity 
  • Creating a messaging guide to help people talk about these issues in a way that places blame on our planning systems and centres the climate imperative 

This is a difficult issue and it’s important that the environment movement is vocal in these conversations and provides a voice for both nature and climate in the energy transition.


Will you come?