Who cares for the environment?

Now Queensland voters can see who cares for the environment  

Queenslanders have the chance to evaluate Labor, the LNP and the Greens on their environmental commitments before they vote, says Queensland Conservation Council (QCC). 

“Today we have released the parties response to our Environment Agenda for the next Queensland Government, which included ten environmental issue areas facing Queensland with the solutions we are demanding. 


“We know that Queenslanders care about these issues, with the Australia Talks national survey showing 65% of Queenslanders saying that climate change is a personal concern. A recent poll of marginal seats showed that four in five Queenslanders (80%) support state government funding for practical conservation jobs like planting trees, removing weeds and restoring rivers in response to the COVID-19 recession

“We welcome the fact that Labor, the LNP and the Greens have all taken these concerns seriously with their responses, and we would encourage Queenslanders to consider each party’s environmental policies when they vote for the next Government of Queensland. 

“Other parties were also asked to submit their policies and we hope to receive their responses before the election.

“We are still hoping for additional commitments. We are expecting that the LNP will release a protected areas and national parks policy shortly, and we are hopeful of a commitment to further expand the funding for protected areas from Labor. 

“We welcome the acknowledge by all three parties of the need to address climate change. We can’t allow the disease of climate denialism to spread within our body politic”. 

“The next government of Queensland will need to act urgently on climate change if we are to have any hope of protecting the Great Barrier Reef. We will need real action to get moving on the transition from dirty coal-fired power stations to 100% clean renewable energy.  

“Another key step they could take is introducing a Climate Change Act with clear targets and an independent Climate Authority.

The three parties responses are available here 
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