Which is your favourite idea for Waratah's trademark?

Many people don't know that Waratah Coal is trying to push through a new coal power station and thermal coal mine despite the increasingly devastating climate-induced disasters hitting our communities.

That's why when we saw that Waratah Coal’s trademark had lapsed, we bought it so that we could work with Queenslanders to come up with a better idea than climate-wrecking coal for Waratah. We asked for ideas and heaps of great suggestions came through. 

Now we want you to vote for your favourite - check out the top four suggestions below and submit your vote. 
Note, the voting survey button says "Next question" but we promise that there's only 1 question.  

We think that a coal billionaire running for Government with plans in his back pocket to build a new mega-mine and coal power station, needs to be stopped. With your help, we made sure that the Qld Deputy Premier Steven Miles called the coal power station proposal in, and it’s now under review. Now let’s demonstrate that Queenslanders don’t want a new coal fired power station in the face of the worsening Climate crisis.

Kat Rowe, Northern Brisbane: Waratah Compost! Instead of fossilised peat (aka coal) why not try a more modern composition, like compost?! 


Tom Mckeown, Gympie: Since Palmer has a thing for cars, Waratah could try Electric Vehicles? A booming industry leaving coal in its dust - zoom zoom! 

Helen Kinniburgh, Southern Brisbane: Waratah Waterslides. Beat the heat next summer wash off your old coal habits.  

Jacqueline Schneider, Eastern Brisbane: Waratah Wildlife Reserve! Instead of trashing habitat to dig coal, Waratah could preserve our unique native treasures.