Sustainable Cities, Towns & Lifestyles

When you trace it back, so many of our environmental problems start in our cities and towns, with unsustainable lifestyles that are costing the earth. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Around Queensland - and across the globe - individuals, families, and communities are working together to reduce their environmental footprint and create clean, green cities and towns that deliver a better quality of life, while being kind to our environment and cutting climate pollution.

Queensland is a big state, but two-thirds of our population lives within 200km of the Brisbane CBD. These days, most of us try to do the right thing by avoiding plastic, driving less or recycling, but we also need to work together to change the laws and policies that shape our urban areas and our day-to-day lives. That means convincing political decision makers to get behind vital initiatives like protecting urban koala habitat, building more public transport, making new homes energy-efficient, and banning single-use plastic.  

QCC is proud to host the Greater Brisbane Environment Action Network (G-BEAN) to connect local community groups from Logan to Caboolture, and from the Redlands to Ipswich. These groups are all working to protect one of the most biodiverse urban areas on the planet.

Find out more about G-BEAN and locate your nearest local groups.