Greater Brisbane Environment Advocacy Network (Greater BEAN)

The Greater Brisbane Environment Advocacy Network (G-BEAN) map provides a visual representation of the social network of active environment advocacy groups in the Greater Brisbane region. You can find group profiles including their location, contact information, and issues focus, by clicking on their placemark on the map. 

This map was developed by a research student, Maggie, from the University of Queensland to provide a way for environment groups in the Brisbane region to find and connect with potential allies a be more effective advocates together. Maggie hopes this mapping tool will act as an evolving portal of advocacy group information and continue to build the capacity of the regions' environment movement to deliver positive change.





Catchment Health (e.g. Creek & Bush Care)

Nature Conservation (e.g. Biodiversity & Ecosystem Protection)



Local Chapter

Sustainable Lifestyles & Planning

Local Government

Wildlife Carers

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