Why are Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge lit up?

June 21 is #ShowYourStripes day, so Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge in Brisbane are lit in the colours of the #WarmingStripes, to show the planet's soaring temperatures over the past 150 years.

What is Show Your Stripes day?

It's not just any day - it's a global call to action, a moment where we come together to raise awareness about the urgent need for climate action. Individuals, businesses, and entire cities display their local stripes graphics and colours, and spread the powerful message they carry. It's a day to unite, to educate, and to advocate for a healthier, more sustainable world.

Here are the Brisbane stripes, showing the change in temperature as measured since 1850. Each stripe or bar represents one year in Brisbane, and the colour shows the average temperature for that year.

warming strip image for GLOBE

Why is this important?

2023 was the hottest year on record globally, and extreme weather events are becoming all too common. We need to act, and we need to act now. We also need leaders with a clear plan and the courage to take action to protect our environment and our futures.

What can you do?

Email Crisafulli

Order a Climate Action Now sign

Sign a petition

Where do the Warming Stripes come from?

These graphics are designed by climate scientist Professor Ed Hawkins from the University of Reading in the UK. He created them as a simple yet profound way to communicate the reality of climate change. By turning complex data into visually striking patterns, it empowers everyone to grasp the gravity of the situation. From classrooms to social media feeds, these stripes spark conversations and inspire action.

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