State LNP needs to show Queensland their renewable energy plan

Queensland Conservation Council has called on the State LNP to come clean on their plan to meet our emissions reduction targets, after David Crisafulli’s budget response confirmed the LNP would not support the Pioneer-Burdekin pumped hydro project.

The LNP also did not vote for the renewable energy targets of 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035 in April, meaning they do not have a plan to meet the 75% emissions reduction target which they profess to support.

Queensland Conservation Council Director Dave Copeman says

This shows Crisafulli’s lack of commitment to clean renewable energy. We are already seeing the impact of climate change on our Great Barrier Reef and our communities. We desperately need a plan to reduce emissions from our dirty coal fired power stations as soon as possible.

David Crisafulli has today confirmed he doesn’t support the Pioneer-Burdekin pumped hydro project which the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan proposed to provide long duration storage. Such long duration storage is crucial to getting to our 80% renewable energy target and beyond.

We applaud Crisafulli for not supporting Dutton’s fantasy delay tactic of nuclear energy, but he needs to come clean on how the LNP would keep up Queensland’s momentum on building renewable energy and reducing emissions.

Queensland has a huge opportunity to build new clean industries but we can’t power those with dirty coal fired power stations. We have to have certainty from all sides of Government on renewable energy targets, so that we can plan to build in a way that protects nature and communities.

Climate action can reduce the cost of living now and into the future. Research shows renewables are a significant part of the reason why wholesale prices are coming down for all Queenslanders.

Queenslanders deserve to know how the state LNP will commit to renewable energy to act on climate and secure our economy.

Banner image: Burdekin River by Gsolsen, CC BY-SA 3.0