Simmonds’ links to destructive Dam project undermines his talk on climate

The Guardian has revealed that the Member for Ryan, Julian Simmonds’, wife works for the company receiving huge funding from the LNP to build a new Dam near Mackay

Queensland Conservation Council Director, Dave Copeman, says the multiple close links between Dam proponents and the LNP are seriously concerning. 

“The Urannah Dam will destroy endangered species habitat, important Traditional Owner sites and impact on a vulnerable Reef catchment,  all to provide water for the mining industry. 

This project is directly opposed to the climate action and environmental protection promises that Simmonds is spruiking in his election campaign,” Mr Copeman said. 

“This is another example of how the LNP funds destructive projects that serve to make LNP affiliates richer. Not only does the connection undermine Simmonds’ environmental values, it brings his credibility into question,” Mr Copeman said.  

“The LNP are pushing ahead with dam proposals that serve to benefit their mates in the mining industry. The connections between the LNP and destructive projects run deep, and demonstrates yet again that the party has a serious credibility problem when it asks voters to take it seriously as taking action on climate. ” Mr Copeman said. 

“While Simmonds might plant some trees in Brisbane, the Urannah Dam project his party donors are pushing would destroy 10,500 hectares of endangered species habitat and critical waterways that lead to the Reef,” Mr Copeman said. 

“The Urannah dam proposal’s business plan relies on profits that would only come if the Bowen Basin coal industry undergoes major expansion. The Queensland Government has committed to reduce its fossil fuel emissions by 30% before 2030, which is incompatible with massive coal expansion,” Mr Copeman said. 

Media contact: Dave Copeman 0408 841 595, [email protected]