Nationals leadership playing same old climate game

“Queenslanders are tired of politicians playing games with climate change for their own political gain,” said Dave Copeman, Queensland Conservation Council’s Director.   

“We have faced bushfires, floods, drought, and rising insurance costs. In a recent Lowy poll, three-quarters of Queenslanders (74%) say ‘the benefits of taking further action on climate change will outweigh the costs’. Queenslanders want to know that there is a plan for energy transformation. They know that action on climate change through investment in renewable energy will create good jobs and economic activity for their region. 

“Today’s Nationals party leadership change is just the latest example of Australian politicians using climate as a weapon to fight their personal political battles. 

“Once again, our Federal representatives have put their own political interests ahead of the needs of ordinary Queenslanders.

“State Governments (both Labor and Coalition), businesses and communities have moved on from the climate wars. They can see the renewable energy future is here now, and they are investing in energy transformation that will deliver jobs and growth. 

“While Queensland Nationals have been fighting over their party’s leadership, they haven’t been fighting for Queenslanders to receive their fair share of federal funding for energy transition to a clean energy future.” 

“Queensland Conservation Council calls on Queensland Coalition MPs to stand up for Queensland, and lobby for federal action on energy transition. The NSW, SA and Tasmanian Government’s have all received federal funding in bilateral agreement for their energy sectors, in the absence of a national energy policy.”

"With new leadership, we'll be watching the Nationals to see what policy commitments they make on clean energy.  The world is moving on to invest in clean, renewable energy. But so far, Queensland Coalition MPs have done little but veto funding for a wind farm in northern Queensland."