Rio Tinto announcement promises emissions reduction, future proof jobs

Queensland Conservation Council has welcomed the news from Rio Tinto today that they will look to power the Boyne Island smelter with 4 GW of firmed renewable energy by 2030. 

“Queensland has a massive opportunity to expand our manufacturing, based on our great renewable energy resources, to create long term jobs while reducing our carbon emissions. We’re very pleased to see Rio Tinto recognises this and is moving towards this clean, cheaper energy future”, Queensland Conservation Council Director Dave Copeman said. 

“The world is moving towards renewable energy. If Queensland doesn’t keep up we will be left with expensive and aging fossil fuel assets. We will miss out on the future-proof jobs that renewables offer.” Mr Copeman said. 

“The Queensland Government is developing the 10 Year Energy Plan at the moment. We need that to show strong leadership to put communities and the environment at the heart of the move to renewable energy.” Mr Copeman said.

“We’re calling on the Queensland Government to lay out plans to build 6 GW of renewable energy and 2 GW of storage by 2025, through planned renewable energy zones that protect our biodiversity and provide long term jobs and benefits for communities.” Mr Copeman said.

“This is the scale of ambition we need to lead the renewable energy transition, when private companies such as Rio are planning their own development of 4 GW of firmed renewable energy by 2030.We also need a well funded, independent transition authority, that combines central access to the Queensland Government with regional, place based planning.” Mr Copeman said.


Media Contact: Dave Copeman [email protected] 0408841595