Report Highlights Desperate Need For A QLD Renewables Plan


New independent modelling from Australia’s largest corporate energy adviser highlights the need for the Queensland Government to plan for a smooth, well managed transition from coal to wind, solar and hydro power.

The report by Schneider Electric, revealed by Fairfax media today, highlights once again that Queensland's coal power plants will soon become uneconomic to run, as they are pushed out of the market by cheaper, cleaner, renewable energy.

The privately owned Gladstone power plant is likely to be the first Queensland coal plant to close earlier than expected, possibly as soon as 2025 according to UBS utilities analyst Tom Allen.

Queensland Conservation Council urges the state government not to drag their heels any longer on making solid plans for replacing the six state government owned coal fired power plants, and ensuring that workers have secure, quality jobs to go to, and communities are supported through the transition

Closing and replacing coal power stations with clean energy will create new opportunities and will mean a brighter future for Queensland. With the average cost of electricity from large scale solar plants in Australia falling dramatically (by a whopping 78 per cent between 2010 and 2019) – the path to future prosperity for the state is clear.

We need to stop relying on dirty fossil fuels and move rapidly towards renewable energy. The transition to a clean, renewable future is both essential and possible.

Burning coal has no long-term future for our economy, our health or our environment. Queensland is rich in clean energy resources – including sun and wind – that power new forms of renewable energy.

“It’s well beyond time for our politicians to take positive action in the energy arena and replace outdated coal power with cheaper, cleaner renewables” says Queensland Conservation Council’s Director, Louise Matthiesson. “A well-planned transition to clean, renewable energy can provide Queenslanders with a better, safer future.”