Queensland wants a renewable energy powered state before the Olympics - add your voice!

Queensland will be in the global spotlight when it hosts the 2032 Olympics. Should we go for gold by powering our state with 100% renewable energy? Or do we invite the world to see us falling behind all the nations making the needed transition to clean energy? 

The Queensland Government has an important choice to make, which is why QCC is calling on Premier Palaszczuk to commit the state to achieving 100% renewable energy generation by the 2032 Olympics.

This year, the Tokyo Olympics will be 100% powered by renewable energy and Japan committed a 46% reductions in emissions by 2030. By 2030 the International Olympic Committee will be operating at net zero carbon emissions. With Japan, France and the US setting ambitious plans for "climate positive" Olympics between now and 2030, if Queensland does not commit to a 100% renewable energy generation before the Olympics, we will be seen as falling behind in the race to keep warming below 1.5 degrees.

The Queensland Government has the opportunity to shine in the global arena if it commits to powering our state with 100% clean, renewable energy generation.

Sign the petition now to let them know that Queenslanders are ready to go for gold and power our Olympics and our state with 100% renewable energy. 


You can also send us a message to help build our team of former, current and future Olympians. Take a photo of your message or take a selfie and send them to [email protected] 



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Power up Queensland for a 100% renewable energy Olympics!

The Queensland Government will have to make a choice; commit to powering our state and the 2032 Olympics with 100% renewable energy, or risk inviting the globe to see Queensland falling behind the rest of the world in taking serious action on climate.