Rejection of Clive Palmer mine a win for the Great Barrier Reef

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has demonstrated her commitment to the environment with today's announcement that she is proposing to reject Clive Palmer's Central Queensland Coal Mine, proposed for the Styx valley between Rockhampton and Mackay. 

"This is a victory for Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef," said Dave Copeman, Queensland Conservation Council's Director. 

"Building a new thermal coal mine 10km from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area was an extreme, dangerous proposal, even for Clive Palmer."

"This is a sensible application of the Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act.  This mine would have impacted on dugong and turtle habitats, and been another unacceptable risk to the Great Barrier Reef. This prompt decision is a welcome change from the delayed and questionable decision-making approach of the previous Morrison Government"

"It looks like we now have a Minister that understands the science, is willing to listen to community concerns, and act accordingly".

In April 2021, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science had indicated the project was not suitable to proceed. Now with the Federal Government's proposed rejection of this project, it should be the final nail in the coffin of this outrageous proposal. 

Clive Palmer’s Central Queensland Coal wanted to extract up to 10 million tonnes of thermal and coking coal per annum for approximately 20-25 years.

“We won’t reach Australia’s 43% 2030 emissions reduction targets, that passed the House of Representatives today, without strong decisions such as this. This will be overwhelmingly positive news for the many locals and organisations who have been making clear the local and scientific opposition to this project."


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