Sign the petition: Cut emissions, create 87,000 new jobs

A new landmark report from Accenture and QCC outlines how Queensland CAN cut climate pollution by 60% before 2030 and create 87,000 climate solution jobs around the state.

We’re taking this expert roadmap to our elected representatives and calling on them to join us, by saying:

  • Queensland CAN be a leader in climate action 
  • Queensland CAN be a renewable energy superpower 
  • Queensland CAN create 87,000 jobs in the industries of the future  
  • Queensland CAN maintain our wonderful way of life 
  • Queensland CAN protect the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and the natural wonders of the Sunshine State

Our state is the biggest contributor to climate impacts, producing 32% of Australia’s emissions. Our communities and ecosystems are already facing devastating impacts from climate-induced disasters like droughts, flooding and coral bleaching. 

Queensland has a lot at stake when it comes to climate impacts, but if we make the right choices, we also have a lot to gain. 

That’s why we need Queenslanders to help build the pressure on our decision makers by signing the petition.

Find out more about the Qld Climate Action Plan roadmap on the QCC blog here. 

And check out the 4 page summary here:


1,000 signatures
665 signatures

We need our elected representatives to say Queensland CAN. 

We call upon the Queensland Government to: 

  1. Commit to slashing Queensland’s climate pollution by AT LEAST half this decade
  2. Put Queensland on the path to becoming a renewable energy superpower by building at least an additional 6 GW and 1 GW storage by 2025 beyond committed projects, of publicly owned renewables
  3. Create 100 000 jobs in climate solutions and support workers, communities and families to take advantage of the industries of the future. 
  4. Establish an Environmental Protection Agency with real power, independence and teeth to drive down climate pollution and protect Queensland's world class natural environment
  5. By 2030, 100m ha of Queensland’s natural forests are protected for biodiversity and carbon, hundreds of millions of tons of land carbon are sequestered in line with 1.5 degree that reduces deforestation, land clearing, and native forest logging.

Together let's tell the government - Queensland CAN!