Power station grant an improper attempt driven by politics

The Auditor-General’s report into federal funding for a feasibility study for Collinsville coal-fired power station has revealed that the applicant did not meet eligibility requirements, was not consistent with Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines, and had out of date due diligence checks. 

"The Auditor-General has thoroughly demonstrated what was clear from the start, that the Collinsville coal fired Power station was never a feasible proposition. This is a foolish waste of taxpayer funds, " said Queensland Conservation Council's Director, Dave Copeman.  

“This case demonstrates once again that Energy Minister Angus Taylor is not fit for the job. He’s playing politics by trying to fund unfeasible coal-fired power stations. 

“He’s lost in the past while investors, State Governments and industry are moving to clean, affordable renewable energy.

“The irregular process behind this grant makes it clear that it was a short term political stunt, cynically used to try and deceive North Queenslanders into thinking anyone would invest money in a new coal-fired power station. 

"We need the Federal Government to support Queensland's potential to be a renewable superpower, and stop wasting time trying to conjure the mirage of a new carbon polluting coal-fired power station. 

Research we’ve commissioned demonstrates that Queensland can be powered by 100% renewable energy, replacing dirty polluting coal fired power stations with solar, wind, batteries, solar thermal and pumped hydro.”