Paul Spearim / Protect Country Strategist

Yaamagara, nginda ngay gayrr Winanga-li Gii Burruguu creation.

Ngaragay ngaya yana-y dhi-bidi Cawubuwan Gunigal Bumaay ngaragay Ngarabal gumbu. 

Hello,  my name is Winanga-li Gii,  which means to listen and teach from the heart. 

I come from the big light Burruguu of Bumaay Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay nation of Northern NSW and Southern QLD, and also from the Ngarabal Nation of South Eastern QLD.

For over the past 45 years, I have been continuing the age-old practices of teaching the cultural knowledge and customs of the Gamilaraay and Ngarabal Nations, from preschool, primary,  secondary and through to universities.  More importantly within my Gamilaraay and Ngarabal Nations, we have been using the strict but highly unique educational tools that my parents and their parents and so on have passed down to me and have continued within our nations since Burruguu.