New Batteries Are A Step Towards Our Energy Future

Today’s announcement by Minister De Brenni of a trial of five new networked batteries by Energy Queensland is a “trial” step into our future as a new renewable superpower. 

“The future of energy generation in Queensland is renewable.” said Queensland Conservation Council’s Director, Dave Copeman. “We need a smarter grid that is fit for purpose, and can absorb excess energy and offer the stability services that we will need”.  

“These batteries are part of the infrastructure upgrades that we need to upgrade the grid to allow for even greater installation of household and community solar. 

The five batteries in this trial will together store upto 40MW. As Minister de Brenni states, we will need batteries like this across Queensland. 

Much greater levels of investment in publicly-owned batteries will be needed over the next 10 years if we are to transition to 100% renewable energy generation by 2030,  in time to meet our commitment to keep warming to 1.5 degrees. 

Qld Conservation Council modelling shows 100% renewable energy generation for Queensland is possible, and will require 2636MW of large battery storage. See our infographic for more information.