Momentus Budget Misses The Mark

PRESS RELEASE - Queenslanders have been let down by the Federal Government’s 2019/20 budget, says Queensland Conservation Council (QCC).

Campaign Manager Dave Copeman says “This budget was an opportunity to invest in the future, to create jobs and economic opportunity by investing in our renewable superpower potential. This opportunity has been largely wasted. While there are some small positive steps, they are not bold enough to meet the twin challenges of addressing both climate change and the COVID recession.”

“Instead of a plan for the whole nation, the Morrison Government is playing favourites with the gas and coal industry, investing $52.9m in new gas projects and $50m for carbon capture and storage, instead of focusing on proven renewable technologies like solar, wind and battery storage.”

“QCC welcomes investments in micro-grids and clean energy as one focus of the modern manufacturing industry, but without Federal investment necessary to facilitate large scale renewable energy projects and create the demand, this clean energy manufacturing may pass Queensland by.”

Queensland received little significant new investment in energy transmission or generation in this Budget that could deliver jobs or drive down costs, compared to $645m in recent Queensland Government commitments.

“NSW received $960m in Commonwealth energy funds in a January 2020 bilateral agreement, but in this budget there appears to be only $11m for Queensland for Copperstring 2.0, less than 1% of this $1.5bn project.” says Dave Copeman. “We call on all parties in the upcoming State election to stand up for Queensland and demand our fair share of national investment in renewable energy infrastructure.”