Measure super-emitting methane, don't guess!

    Call on Minister Chris Bowen to act now

    Our environmental protection laws are broken. They are unable to accurately measure the damage that project after project is having on our country and climate.

    Best-practice regulation of super-emitting methane can help change this.

    In Queensland, both parties support the locked-in emissions reduction target of 75% by 2035. However, we have to meet that target while accurately reporting the fugitive emissions of methane, not guessing.

    Methane is a super pollutant greenhouse gas, 86 times stronger than carbon dioxide over a 20 year period. Responsible for a third of global heating to date, methane is turbocharging the climate crisis towards global boiling.

    Slashing methane emissions as quickly as possible is the fastest way to slow global heating. Yet the Australian Government has no plan to make fossil fuel corporations cut methane pollution.

    Corporations have been allowed to lie about their methane emissions because the rules are based on GUESSING, not measuring. The Climate Change Authority told Minister Bowen he should fix our methane measurement rules. It’s time for him to ACT NOW.

    Take TWO MINUTES to demand Minister Bowen fix the rules. Can you help us double the number of emails - so he receives 5000 MESSAGES calling on him to fix Australia’s broken methane measurement rules? Cutting the pollution from an intense greenhouse gas brings intense results!