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Donate Now

Your gift will help to address some of the biggest challenges we face today. 

Right now, Queensland is battling both extinction and climate crises. That’s why your support means so much.

Donate today to stand up for the rights of nature and the rights of future generations to a healthy environment and a safe climate.

Thanks to our supportive community we have played a key part in -

  • Winning a $500m Renewable Energy Fund, $145m for three Renewable energy Corridors and $30m for solar on hospitals.
  • Securing a new strategy to double Queensland’s national parks with $60 million in initial funding, and $10m in funding for jobs caring for Reef catchments.
  • Hosting the 2020 election environment debate where the ALP, LNP and the Greens made commitments to deliver action on climate change and greater environmental protections.
  • Strengthening protection for the Great Barrier Reef and koala habitat.

Over QCC's 50 year history, we've worked to protect some of our state's most loved places including the Daintree Rainforest and Fraser Island. Please support QCC to continue this vital work for the next 50 years with a donation today.

By making a donation, you’re helping us fight to protect Queensland's unique natural environment in our efforts to PRESERVE CONSERVE and PROTECT Queensland’s nature. 


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