Qld Premier’s letter to Morrison Govt prompts calls for Qld LNP MPs to act on climate

Queensland Conservation Council strongly supports the Queensland Premier’s call for greater Federal action on emission reduction and water quality to protect our awesome Great Barrier Reef.

QCC has today followed up the Premier’s letter with letters to LNP Federal MPs Warren Entsch, Trevor Evans, Julian Simmonds and Terry Young on the need to fight for Queenslanders that are being abandoned at the back of the queue for energy and emissions reductions funding.

“If Warren Entsch wants to be a real champion for the Reef, he would get the Federal Government to match Queensland’s investments in renewables and water quality, instead of attacking the World Heritage Organisation experts or taking diplomats snorkelling,” said Dave Copeman, QCC Director.

“Science, not photo ops, should be the basis for assessing the threat to the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Queensland has received no funding under the bilateral energy and emissions reduction agreements while NSW, South Australia and Tasmanian State governments have received combined commitments of more than $1.7 bn in Commonwealth funding.

“The Reef is in danger, and Queenslanders expect science should drive investment to reduce emissions, not political favouritism for Liberal Governments.”

Queensland LNP MPs should tell the Prime Minister to put aside these petty politics, and respond seriously to the Premier’s letter.

“Queensland is perfectly placed to seize the bright renewable energy future and reduce our emissions. We’re responsible for 31% of all of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, more
than any other state.

Saving the Great Barrier Reef will require global action to limit climate change, and the urgent need to save the Reef should be driving Australia to lead this action. Instead, the Morrison Government is acting as a handbrake on global action. Australia has the largest per-capita emissions of any country outside the gulf-petro states, and some of the best solar and wind resources in the world.

While Federal inaction on emissions is putting the Reef in danger, the Queensland Government could also be doing much more, including setting out a plan to reach its own emissions reduction targets. We are still waiting for the 2020-2030 Climate Action Plan, in the second half of 2021.