QCC welcomes the reports that Leanne Linard is the new Environment Minister

The new Queensland Environment Minister will have big shoes to fill but also a significant portfolio of critical actions to deliver before the 2024 election.

QCC Director Dave Copeman said, "She will need to set new Qld Government climate targets to increase our climate emission reduction targets. A 30% by 2030 is inadequate to keep Queenslanders safe, and also out of date, as we are currently at 29% reduction in emissions already.  The Queensland Conservation Council is calling on the Minister to deliver stronger emissions targets in line with climate science. At the very least, we need a reduction of more than 60% from 2005 levels by 2030."

"She must change the law to ensure that the Government considers the climate impacts of new coal and gas projects in their environmental approvals.

"The Environment Minister needs to deliver further action to protect endangered species and critical habitat. Landclearing is still out of control, with 400,000 hectares cleared annually in the most recent report.This Environment Minister must deliver greater protections so the koala and greater glider has a chance for survival.

"This minister will have to land a strong independent Environmental Protection Agency before the next election, so that we have environmental laws and agencies that can protect the environment and the places we love.

"We are facing a climate crisis, and a linked extinction crisis. Together, these threaten our lifestyle, our economy, our homes, and the world we live in. Environment is not a small or junior portfolio, as it is critical to our future wellbeing. We acknowledge the achievements of Minister Scanlon, including record investment in new National parks, and we expect Minister Linard to step up the challenge.


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