Good News for Queensland Hospitals With Solar Announcement

PRESS RELEASE - Queensland Conservation Council applauds the Queensland Government’s commitment to extend solar energy trials to 50 public hospital sites across the state and pledge $30 million to slash hospital energy bills and create jobs.

Queensland Conservation Council Campaign Manager, Dave Copeman, said the Queensland Government should extend their commitment by not only investing in solar and battery storage for all public hospitals, but also sharing the expertise for uptake to private hospitals.

“This is a sensible solution. It creates jobs, saves public funds, improves our public assets, creates energy storage that helps strengthen our grid, and reduces emissions that drive climate change” Mr Copeman said. “This stimulus program can provide long term savings that help Queensland hospitals best deploy their resources to continue to deliver world-leading care,”

“Hospitals should be designed to deliver better health, and climate change is predicted to be one of the greatest health threats of the 21st century. Hospitals should be using clean energy to deliver health.”

There are 122 public hospitals in Queensland, made up of 119 public acute hospitals, and three psychiatric hospitals. The healthcare system is responsible for seven per cent of carbon emissions in Queensland.