Queensland’s Koalas (and quolls, gliders, ….) will be safer with a Federal EPA.

Queensland Conservation Council welcomes today’s announcement by Shadow Environment Minister Terri Butler of Labor’s policy to create a Federal Environmental Protection Agency with a compliance and enforcement division, and environmental data, information and analysis division.

“Stronger enforcement mechanisms and improved scientific analysis of the plight of threatened species can only help protect the animals we love” said QCC’s Director Dave Copeman, 

*Koalas, Greater gliders, spotted quolls, glossy black cockatoos, ghost bats, and more than 200 more of Queensland’s endangered species will be safer if these approaches are implemented. 

“Threatened species don’t get a vote in this election, and the Samuels review made it clear that our Federal Government is failing to protect them. We welcome Labor’s commitment to implement the Samuels review recommendations.