Sign up to host an event

Sign up to host and event between the 20th - 28th of April for the Protect Beautiful Queensland week of action. Bring your friends, family and community together for a fun nature themed event to celebrate nature and demonstrate active community support. This could be a birdwatch, mini bioblitz, bushwalk, picnic, film screening or nature art workshop just as some examples. It will incorporate participants taking part in the digital action. 

Did you know 77% of people want to see the creation of more national parks in Queensland? Just like you the majority of Queenslanders love national parks and other protected areas for their natural beauty, for a place to relax, connect to Country and of course the critical role they play in protecting our unique plants and wildlife. 

Our vision is to double QLD’s protected areas by 2030 in well managed parks, private protected areas and Indigenous Protected Areas with inclusive, collaborative and well-funded management arrangements.

Now is the time for action! Across Australia and QLD, our elected representatives are increasingly backing the call to protect more of nature. However, they need to hear from you. We need to stand together and actively demonstrate broad and diverse support for doubling QLD’s protected areas. By doing this our elected representatives will hear us loud and clear, protecting beautiful QLD is a priority and they must act now.