End Deforestation in Queensland

On 30 December 2021, the Queensland Government released the State's land clearing report, which uses satellite analysis to determine how many hectares of forests have been cleared.

The report was a shock.

680,688 hectares of trees and other woody vegetation had been cleared between 2018-2019, almost double the 392,000 that was cleared the year before!

This report was an important benchmark in our work to protect Queensland's forests, home to 219 endangered animals and a critical part of carbon sequestration. This is the first report since the Queensland Labor Government responded to our campaign by restoring some strength to the Vegetation Management Act that the Newman Government had gutted, which allowed clearing without almost any restraint.

The facts in the report make for worried reading, but our preliminary analysis indicates that

  • About 84% of the woody vegetation that was destroyed was at least 15 years old
  • About 93% of the clearing was for pasture, for cattle and sheep
  • 10,000s of hectares of likely habitat for koalas, quolls and brigalow belt endangered birds was cleared
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Dear Premier Miles, 

Land clearing has had a devastating impact on our threatened species in Queensland over decades. We welcomed your pledge to address land clearing before the 2015 and 2017 Elections, and acknowledge that you passed amendments to the Vegetation Management Act. 

The recent shockingly high deforestation and land clearing figures released in the 2018/19 Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) on 30 December 2021, make it clear that this promise still has not been fully delivered, in spite of strong efforts by your government. 680,688 hectares of trees and other woody vegetation cleared in one year is simply not acceptable. 

Our forests and woodlands are homes to koalas, quolls and gliders. We must ensure that they are protected for our children and grandchildren. We need a sustainable beef industry that can be proudly sold as deforestation free and carbon neutral around the world.  

We know that you care about the destruction of land clearing. We ask that you take strong action now to fix this situation. 

Please, finish the job you started and fulfil your promise to end this disastrous level of deforestation.