Tell David Crisafulli to show us his plan for renewables

The leader of the State LNP, David Crisafulli, promised to reduce pollution and supported the emission reduction target, but his recent budget response shows he does not have a clear plan to roll out renewable energy, an essential component if we are to achieve Queensland’s emission reduction target.

After we've worked tirelessly to secure great wins this year and our communities have been ravaged by natural disasters, this is not what we deserve. We need clarity and consistency from every side of politics to tackle climate change effectively and protect nature and communities. Without a solid plan for renewable energy, we risk more natural disasters that will only get worse. Crisafulli’s lack of support for renewable energy means he’s ignoring the urgent need to protect our environment and our future.

Write to Crisafulli today and demand a clear, actionable plan for renewable energy in Queensland.

    David Crisafulli, show Queensland your clear actionable plan for renewable energy