You can help save our precious native species

You can help save our precious native species

Deforestation in Queensland is out of control, and it's sending our native wildlife extinct.

According to a new report, released by the QCC and The Wilderness Society and written by respected academic Dr Martin Taylor, the beef industry is responsible for over two thirds of the 2.1 million hectares lost over the 5 years studied.

This destroyed habitats for 388 nationally threatened species, having a devastating impact on the wildlife that call these places home. That’s not to mention the dire consequences for our climate and natural environment.

The campaign to stop rampant deforestation is well underway, and new Commonwealth reforms create a new opportunity to tackle this problem at a Federal level as well.

But we don't have much time - there is a small window of opportunity for us to influence new federal laws and make them as strong as possible when it comes to protecting the landscapes and creatures that we love. 

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