Throwing good money after bad: Bowen Basin Gas pipeline would blow out efforts toward net zero

Queensland Conservation Council has called out Minister for Resources, Scott Stewart, for today saying a gas pipeline in the Bowen Basin would deliver meaningful progress towards Queensland’s net zero target by 2050. 

“Building more fossil fuel infrastructure to try and fix the fossil fuel leaking from existing coal mines is truly throwing good money after bad. It’s deeply concerning that the Queensland Government is kicking off 2022 by celebrating plans for a fossil fuel pipeline.” Queensland Conservation Council Energy Strategist, Clare Silcock, said. 

“2022 needs to be the year that we improve our climate targets and ramp up investment in clean energy,” Ms Silcock said.

Minister Stewart touted Queensland’s 2030 target of 30% reduction, only 2% more than the Federal Government’s. Like the Federal Government, the 30% target does not come close to meeting the Paris Agreement and securing a safe climate future. 

“While we are pleased that the Queensland Government might be starting to take fugitive emissions from coal mines seriously, building more fossil fuel infrastructure is not the way to solve this issue. Only proper regulation of coal mines and a clear transition plan to renewable energy will actually reach net zero,” Ms Silcock said.  

“This is a clear indication that the Queensland Government still does not understand or accept net zero. Building infrastructure now to cement fossil fuels decades into the future makes a mockery of Queensland’s climate rhetoric. Continuing to spin gas as a solution to reducing emissions only hinders investment in renewable energy in Queensland and our progress towards a green future.” Ms Silcock said. 

Media contact: Clare Silcock [email protected]