Community Outrage Sparks Anti-Nuclear Protest in Brisbane

Queenslanders are uniting in anger against the Federal Coalition's proposal to develop nuclear power stations, including two in their state. Concerned citizens, environmental groups, and unions will gather outside LNP’s Headquarters in Brisbane (281 Sandgate Rd Albion QLD 4010) at 10:30 am today to protest the controversial plans. 

The Federal Coalition’s proposal has sparked significant backlash due to a lack of consultation with community and other key stakeholders who have come together today to voice their anger and concern over the plans. 

The Queensland Conservation Council is calling on the Federal Coalition to stop putting Queenslanders at risk, and instead focus on real climate solutions. 

Queensland Conservation Council Deputy Director Anthony Gough said:

“Building nuclear power stations in Queensland is a step in the wrong direction. This proposal has sparked significant outrage among community members who fear the health, environmental, and economic risks associated with nuclear energy. 

“Since the announcement we’ve heard from community members across the State who are deeply worried about this plan. Queenslanders are feeling ignored and are genuinely concerned about what this means for their future. 

“The Federal Coalition’s nuclear plan is out of touch with the needs and values of the community. We are calling on all Queenslanders to join us in opposing these false promises.

“By backing nuclear Peter Dutton is abandoning his fellow Queenslanders to the worst impacts of climate change with no plan to keep us safe. This proposal will delay the closure of coal power stations and extend climate pollution, leading to more severe climate impacts on our community.”

“We are in a cost of living crisis, and instead of focusing on solutions that will reduce costs like retiring expensive and failing coal power stations, Peter Dutton is pushing for an energy source that won’t be viable in this country for at least a decade. We need immediate climate action, not empty promises.”

73 year-old Joan Variava has lived in Lawnton for over 25 years, part of Peter Dutton’s electorate. She said:

“Peter Dutton is supposed to represent my community but we don’t want to risk an uncosted nuclear plan seemingly written on the back of a napkin. We deserve safe and sustainable power today rather than a dangerous nuclear plan stopping the transition to cheaper renewables.

“I’m old enough to remember catastrophic meltdowns like Chernobyl and Fukushima. I don’t want my grandkids’ generation to live in fear of accidents or toxic radioactive waste.

“Australia is perfect for fossil fuel alternatives that are already reducing emissions. We should be investing in solar and wind projects that benefit our community now rather than keeping coal power stations open and hoping nuclear might work in 15 years.”

Media contact: Ellie McLachlan, 0407 753 830