100% renewable energy before the Olympics

Olympians team up with Queensland Conservation Council in demanding that the Qld Government commit to achieving 100% renewable energy by the 2032 Olympics. 

Four time Olympic gold medallist swimmer, Libby Trickett, has joined the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) in calling on the Queensland Government to commit to powering the state with 100% renewable energy before Brisbane hosts the Olympics in 2032. 

Queensland Olympic royalty and mum to potential future Olympians, Libby says that the Queensland Government has an important opportunity to shine by powering our state with renewable energy when it invites the world to Brisbane for the 2032 Olympics. 

“Let’s go for the gold standard when we host the Olympics, by powering our sunshine state with 100% renewable energy before the big 2032 games”, Mrs Trickett said. 

“Our kids and future Olympians will inherit the consequences of decisions that are being made right now. Let’s make sure we give them a bright future, with a 100% renewable energy powered Queensland before we invite the world to Brisbane for the Olympics”, Mrs Trickett said. 

Dave Copeman, Director of the Queensland Conservation Council, said, “The motto of the Olympics is “faster, higher, stronger”. We think the Queensland Government should take inspiration from the spirit of the Olympic games, and set higher renewable energy targets, move faster away from fossil fuels to achieve 100% renewable energy generation for the whole of Queensland by 2030 in time for the 2032 Games. This would show a stronger commitment to action on climate change, and securing a safe climate for our future.”

“Queensland is one of the highest per capita emitters of carbon pollution in the world. How could we ask the world to come and celebrate with us if we haven’t even left the starting block on climate action?” Mr Copeman said. 

“Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier which is about to be classified as “in danger” UNESCO. We must aim higher, move faster and make stronger commitments to ensure the tens of thousands of visitors coming to the Olympics are able to visit a Great Barrier Reef that still has a chance of survival.” 

QCC is the state’s peak non-government environment group. We are making the case to Powerup Qld with a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy generation by 2030.

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