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1. Noosa Management Plan for conservation areas, coastal health and tourism. Closes 25.7.21. Check the written details on what to include at https://www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/8301/view.html and Email: [email protected]

2. Import of Red Ruffed Lemur for conservation and zoo display. Closes 28.7.21.  Forward any written comments to: Director, Listings and Threat Abatement Section, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, GPO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601 Email: [email protected]

3. Listing of the Koala under the EPBC as threatened. Closes 30.7.21. Responses are to be provided in writing either by email to: [email protected] or by mail to: The Director, Bushfire Affected Species Assessments Section, Protected Species and Communities Branch, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, PO Box 858, Canberra ACT 2601.

4. Single use plastic items ban being implemented by Sept 1st, 2021. This includes straws, cutlery, bowls and plates and stirrers. For further information contact the Office of Resource Recovery at [email protected].


Or go to Parliamentary Committees and make submissions to current inquiries.



Email: [email protected] Phone: (07) 3330 5859.

For submissions on development applications, email [email protected]

Information on making a submission for a priority development area (PDA) can be found on the specific PDA page.

Submit an environmental incident report online or via your mobile device.



1. Stop littering in our environment. Closes 29.8.21. Contact: Les Barkla, PO Box 153, REDCLIFFE QLD 4020 or click the link.

2. Prohibition and future development of petroleum/gas activities in flood plains of Lake Eyre. Closes 29.8.21. Contact: Sheena Gillman, 9 Billagall Drive, KARANA DOWNS QLD 4306 or click the link.

3. Environmental condition of Lake Hugh Muntz, Mermaid Waters. Closes 29.8.21. Contact: Harry Edward Burton, PO Box 126
BROADBEACH QLD, 4218 or click the link.

4. Funding for the RSPCA. Closes 12.9.21. Contact: Heather Livingstone 11 McCormack Court Collingwood Park Qld 4301or click the link. 


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Or go to Parliamentary Committees and make submissions to current inquiries.


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